About Zolig

Zolig is a citizen of the world who wanders through Barcelona, seeing the city and its monuments in her own unique and poetic way. You will find all of them in the so-called "Treasures BCN"

Zolig presents its brand of T-shirts.

The t-shirts are made entirely in Barcelona. New models for Men, Women and Children. The fabric is 100% organic cotton and uses a process of manual sewing and screen printing (old handmade method). Each T-shirt is made one by one! Each one is unique!

Original handmade drawing done with a BIC® pen. This drawings show the different stops Zolig makes in Barcelona: Guell Park, Sagrada Familia, Plaza Filip Neri, the streets of Barcelona, ​​the promenade, Ciudadella Park and Rambla del Raval.

These T-shirts are the perfect souvenir of the city for vistors and also a fancy outfit for the locals who enjoy unique and arty clothes.